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(xxx) xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx

  • Calling cell phone. When returning call, fake "number is not in service" message plays (clearly not the official operator voice.)

  • Someone named Jessica Brantly called from this number saying she was with a law firm and that I was being charged with 2 counts of felony fraud. Also called son, husband, and friend telling them I needed to call back immediately or I would be arrested. Not possible. Don't even live in Texas! How did she get MY number AND my contact numbers?!?!?

  • calling at 3:00 am and hanging up

  • We keep getting calls from this # and they hang up every time. I don't get it.

  • keep calling my phone and hanging up or laughing

  • Who owns this number?

  • Keeps calling, no one says anything

  • Rang twice and stopped.- My phone NEVER rings.

  • Called trying to get me to verify my credit card information. NEVER give out any personal information to strangers or people

  • Is somehow texting underage girls in states other than Cali. He has led them to believe he is a young man in this area through FB with photos that may or may not be him. He tried to get my child to walk away from our home at night. thankfully I was there to stop her. I do not know if it was a prank or something more sinister, but I am glad I looked up the number and she will no longer be texting him.